NBA 2K18 – How to perform Pro Stick shooting moves with the Joy-Con grip

The complete list of Pro Stick shooting moves that can be done with the Joy-Con grip on NBA 2K18, Nintendo Switch edition.

Pro Stick is an NBA 2K18 feature used to control basketball players on the court. Here are the shooting controls associated with this feature. Players will use the Joy-Cons with the Joy-Con Grip for the following moves. A jump shot is done with the right stick when this is moved and held in the downwards direction. The bank shot move is done if the right stick is held upwards.

Players can also perform a pump fake by using the same button. First, they must start performing the move for a jump shot. The pump fake is done when the right stick is released rapidly. If players will hold the right stick while they are away from the hoop, a runner or floater move will be achieved. A layup move is done while driving to the basket and holding the right stick in the left, right, or up direction. A reverse layup move is done when players hold the right stick to the baseline. If players want to do a euro step layup, all they need to do is to double tap the Y button.

Hop and spin gather moves can be done too. For a hop gather, players have to either be standing or driving to the basket. When the left stick is tapped, the move is done. A spin gather move is done similarly. Players need to press Zr followed by a Y double tap. A two-hands dunk while driving to the basket can be done with Zr and the right stick. Players need to hold the right stick in the direction of the basket and then press Zr.

A one hand dunk is done by holding the right stick in the direction of the dunking hand. Zr has to be pressed as well. A flashy dunk is done when moving the right stick away from the basket and pressing Zr. Players that start a dunk or a layup control and move the right stick while still in the air, will do a change shot move. A step through move is done by starting a pump fake move. If players hold the right stick while doing the pump fake, then a step through move will be done. For NBA 2K18 playing,the most important items are the NBA 2K18 MT,that can help you have a stronger team, to have more chance to win games, and to have more fun.

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