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10 tips for renting an apartment in Amsterdam as an expat

Amsterdam has always been one of the top expat destinations in the world, and expats living in Amsterdam have so many advantages: they can experience a vibrant culture with delicious food, explore plenty of interesting tourist attractions and enjoy the city’s beautiful architecture. But when it comes to finding expat housing Amsterdam, it can be quite difficult. Here are 10 tips for expats looking to rent an apartment in the city:

1. Do your research

Before starting your search for expat housing in Amsterdam, make sure you’ve done your research about the city’s different neighborhoods and find out which best suits your needs and budget.

2. Decide on accommodation type

There are various kinds of expat housing available in Amsterdam such as serviced apartments, student residences and even luxury villas depending on how much you’re willing to spend on accommodation.

3. Set a price range

It’s important to decide on a budget before beginning your search for expat housing so you don’t end up spending more than you can afford. The average rental prices vary depending on the location, size and amenities included with the property.

4. Check transportation options

When looking for expat housing in Amsterdam, consider the distance between your home and workplace or any other places you frequently visit like shops or restaurants. Make sure your chosen place is well-connected by public transportation like buses or trams if you don’t own a car or bike so that getting around would be convenient.

5. Consider long-term contracts

Most landlords prefer long-term tenants since they provide more stability as compared to short-term rentals which can sometimes be difficult to manage especially during peak tourist season where demand is high and supply is limited. If you plan on staying in Amsterdam for some time then it would be best to look for properties with long-term leases such as those offered by Hotel Jansen or similar companies that specialize in expat housing services in Amsterdam

6. Negotiate terms beforehand

Once you’ve found an apartment that meets all of your requirements, negotiate terms with the landlord before officially signing any contracts. This will help ensure that there are no hidden costs involved after you move into the property such as service charges or additional fees for utilities etcetera..

7. Discuss necessary repairs upfront

If there are any major repairs needed at the property, discuss them with landlord beforehand so that they can be taken care of before moving into the apartment; otherwise these issues may come back to haunt you later when dealing with maintenance charges from building authorities etcetera.. 

8. Get home insurance

Before anything else make sure that you get home insurance for both personal items and liability protection so that if something gets damaged due to an accident then it won’t cost you anything out of pocket expense when filing a claim with your insurer later on down the road 

9. Know local laws & regulations

Rental laws vary from country to country; make sure you familiarize yourself with Dutch rental laws so that nothing catches you by surprise while dealing with tenancy issues down the line 

10. Be aware of common scams

Unfortunately real estate scams are becoming increasingly common especially online; always double check listings before signing any contracts or making payments just to be safe

Following these tips will help ensure expats have a hassle free renting experience while searching for expat housing in Amsterdam!